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VI Alternative Report 2017-2018: Executive Summary

[2018] Assessment of the civil society about the situation of trafficking in persons 2017-2018.


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V Alternative Report: Principal Findings 2016 - 2017

[2017] For the fifth consecutive year, CHS Alternativo leads the preparation of the Alternative Report. A balance of Civil Society on the situation of Trafficking in People in Peru. This first five years coincides with the end of the validity of the National Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in People (PNAT) 2011-2016, a policy instrument that, although with inconsistencies and limitations, raised for the first time the objectives and goals of the State in the matter.

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IV Alternative Report Main Findings 2015-2016

[2016] Capital Humano y Social Alternativo (CHS Alternativo), in coordination with different organizations, presents for the fourth consecutive year the “IV Alternative Report: Civil society assessment on the situation of human trafficking in Peru 2015 – 2016”, with the purpose of making public an assessment in relation to the improvements and challenges on the implementation of the National Plan against Human Trafficking 2011 – 2016 (PNAT) in its last year

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The Routes of Trafficking the Peruvian Amazon

[2016] This particular ethnographic adventure and intense investigation about the modalities and routes used by human traffickers in the Peruvian Amazon to seduce their victims and lead them to the places where they are subjected to diverse modalities of exploitation presents a systematic bibliographic recollection about the contemporary forms of slavery in the Peruvian jungle, based on the red chronicles of Amazonian newspapers, a tour of the Amazon, Maranon and Ucayali rivers towards the interior of the country and of the Interoceanic Highway along the mining corridor mining in Madre de Dios, and data collection in towns overtaken by drug-trafficking or illegal mining camps.

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The Reta System and human trafficking

[2012] This publication aims to shed light on the experience of the development of the RETA System from a distinct angle from traditional reporting.

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"Cárcel" Campaign

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