“Cárcel” advertising campaign is an initiative of Movimiento Vuela Libre, represented in Peru by CHS Alternativo, that aims to raise awareness in national and international tourists about the risks of penalties for those who sexually exploit children and adolescents in Iquitos, Loreto.

We created a circuit in Iquitos city, where graphic pieces and other communicational products were placed to prevent CSEC [1] in tourism and travel, and it is expected to be seen by tourists while they are traveling from the airport to their hotel room. At the same time, we are hosting awareness activities about the penalties for CSEC. To create a bigger impact in the general public, a jail with a pretending criminal inside is traveling around the city. This jail, which has a “here we punish child sexual exploitation” sign, is touring places where there have been reported cases of CSEC such as El Dorado Hotel [2]. The campaign has been accompanied with local radio transmission during the activation process. “Cárcel” also counts with radio spots that are played during awareness activities.

“Cárcel” advertising campaign is the product of group work between CHS ALternativo and MINCETUR. We also have the support of other different institutions such as the Regional Government of Loreto, the Local Government of Maynas, and Circus Grey – international publicity agency. The campaign is addressed to tourists (national and international), mass media, tourism operators and general public. In many cases, travel agencies, hotels and transport enterprises become facilitators and intermediaries that provide information or carry tourists to places of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. In Peru, there are an estimated of 10 thousand victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. Unfortunately, Loreto is one of the regions where this problematic exists.

In Peru, persons who promote, facilitate or gain with this crime can be penalized up to 12 years in prison independent of the administrative sanctions that apply to legal persons. Persons who have sex with children can be punished up to 35 years in prison.

[1] Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

[2] El Dorado Hotel is one of the most emblematic cases of the fight against CSEC because the FBI intervene the hotel in 2013 to capture Michael Billings, who is accused of travel to Peru to have sexual relations with children over a decade. 

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CÁRCEL CHS Alternativo


"Cárcel" Campaign


"Cárcel" Campaign

  “Cárcel” advertising campaign is an initiative of Movimiento...

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