What is the trafficking in persons?

Human trafficking is understood as the capture, transport, transfer and taking in and hosting of people, turning to threats or the use of force or other forms of coercion, by kidnapping/abducting, fraud, cheating or abuse of power of a vulnerable situation or the concession or reception of payments or benefits in order to obtain the consent of people by holding authority over them with the objective of exploiting them. 

This exploitation includes, minimally, the exploitation of prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation, forced work or labor, slavery, or practices analogous to slavery, servitude, or organ removal. 

The consent given by the victim of human trafficking in every form of exploitation with the intent of performing any of the work described above will not take into account the information stated in the aforementioned section. 

Human trafficking is a criminal behavior through which people are captured with the intention of being exploited.


Trafficking of minors

The capture, transport, transfer, taking in, or hosting of a young girl, boy or adolescent is considered Human Trafficking, including when none of the above mentioned means are used. 

Characteristics of a Human Trafficking Situation

Some characteristics that allow for a situation of human trafficking to occur:

- Could you leave your job or current employment if you wished? NO

- Can you come and go as you please? NO

- Have you received threats upon trying to quit? YES

- Have they caused you physical harm? YES

- Are your living conditions acceptable? NO

- Do you work under dangerous conditions, without appropriate rest, pay or help prisoner? YES

- Has your family suffered any type of threat? YES

- Have they taken your identity papers or other documents? YES

- Has anyone forced you to do something that you did not want to? YES

-Are you working the job that you were promised? NO

* If your answers coincide (somewhat or completely) with those expressed in this list, it is likely that you are involved in a situation of human trafficking.

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