The Situation Worldwide

As far as the number of missing persons world wide is concerned, information is quite variable. In Europe, each country has its own data base, although efforts to join all of this information and to create a unified system are underway.

In Spain, for example, each time the police identifies a disappearance; all police stations within the country and in other European countries united under the Shengen Treaty actively recognize the case.

Since December of 2006, there were 12,000 cases of *current missing persons whose locations remain unknown,* as accumulated by the National Police and the Local Security since 1989, when they began to count these cases. That same year, 1,850 children were reported missing in Italy, while Belgium reported 1,022 cases of missing children to the police.

According to Missing Children Europe, in the United Kingdom (population 61 million) an estimated 140,000 children disappear annually (383 per day).

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