Missing Persons


Missing person means a person absent from their home address whose whereabouts are unknown. This term is defined according to the regulation of Law 28022, Article 7, which creates the National Information Record of Missing Persons DS 017-2003-IN, published December 17, 2003.

Many missing persons can be potential victims of exploitation.  For that reason, the state should continue its search so that human trafficking networks can be discovered and dismantled.

Latin American Missing Person Network

The network is a database which contains detailed information about missing persons from Latin America and the Caribbean that is fueled and utilized by a group of state agencies from each country, non governmental organizations, and civil society.

Web Page for Peruvian Missing Persons

In Peru, the website Peruanos Desaparecidos (Peruvian Missing Persons) www.peruanosdesaparecidos.org created by Law 28022, the National Information Record of Missing Persons which is in charge of the Investigations Division of Peruvian Missing Persons of the Peruvian National Police; this division should register every report made and received in whichever police station or police division is closest.

It provides timely and valid information about missing persons to governments and civil society in general, with the idea of achieving a swift location and reuniting, especially of those children and adolescents at high risk.

Capital Humano y Social Alternativo is in charge of the coordination of the Peruvian Missing Persons portal and supports the Investigations Division and the Search of Mission Persons in the Direction of Criminal Investigation and Judicial Support of the Peruvian National Police (DIRINCRI PNP) in its administration through the internet.

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