Mission and Objectives


To be a leader and recognized organization in the protection of human rights, particularly of children and adolescents, in relation to trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants and missing persons.

To be positioned in the public, private and social sphere as a highly competent, solid and reliable institution with full respect for the internal codes of conduct and laws of the country.


• To promote social surveillance of public policies in favor of human rights and, in particular, human trafficking, smuggling of migrants and missing persons.

• To develop communicational activities, studies and research aimed at increasing awareness and informing society about human trafficking and its relation to smuggling of migrants and missing persons, contributing to the formation of knowledge and a culture of protection and promotion of human rights.

• To promote networks that generate effective synergies to achieve the organization’s goals.

• To achieve sustainability of main strategic actions.

• To assist vulnerable people, particularly women, children and adolescents.



"Cárcel" Campaign


"Cárcel" Campaign

  “Cárcel” advertising campaign is an initiative of Movimiento...

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